March 2019 – CSNA speaks out against ‘unfair’ uplift handling charges on unsold greeting cards

The Association welcomed a change of heart on extra environmental charges from card maker.

Members may recall a few weeks ago we brought to your attention a cost change from Hallmark in the guise of a seasonal uplift charge (15% of unsolds), designed to punish/fine retailers for not selling out seasonal stock that was delivered by Hallmark on agreed quantities. These charges were making very significant and expensive inroads into the profitability of the sale of these cards, to such an extent that some retailers were questioning the wisdom of continuing to deal with the company.

We are pleased to note that, in communication this week to their independent retailers, the general manager Mr. Ciaran Leonard has told his customers that the company was dropping the charge (reviewing was the word actually used). We are happy to have highlighted the matter on behalf of members affected by this arbitrary and unwelcome attack on small businesses.