New Deposit Return Scheme For Ireland

A new Deposit Return Scheme is being introduced in Ireland and DRSI CLG has been appointed by the Department of Environment, Climate and Communications as the scheme administrator.

DRSI CLG, which will trade as Re-turn, is a new company limited by guarantee and was established by beverage producers and retailers in order to fulfil their obligations under the Separate Collection (Deposit Return Scheme) Regulations 2021.

Under the Single Use Plastics (SUP) Directive, by 2025, Ireland must ensure the separate collection of 77% of plastic beverage bottles placed on the market, rising to 90% in 2030.

The introduction of the Deposit Return Scheme is a very simple solution to achieving these higher collection rates.  The new Scheme brings together all parties involved in the manufacture, selling and consumption of beverages and has proved very successful internationally in increasing collection rates. Established schemes in the EU have a collection rate of over 90%, compared to our current collection rate in Ireland of just over 60%.

Under the new Deposit Return scheme, the consumer pays a small deposit in addition to the retail price when buying a beverage sold in a plastic bottle, aluminium or steel can. This deposit is refunded in full when the consumer returns the empty beverage container to the retailer.

By placing a monetary value on bottles and cans, there is more of an incentive to bring them back for recycling and the Deposit Return Scheme will collect a higher % of bottles and cans in addition to a higher quality of recyclate.

DRSI CLG will now commence engaging with producers, retailers, and all key stakeholders to create awareness and understanding of the new system and how we can support and assist in preparing for the introduction of the Scheme.

For further information on the Deposit Return Scheme and updates on all upcoming events, please register your interest at https://re-turn.ie/