New EM News Ready Reckoner

New EM News Ready Reckoner

July 3rd, 2022

Members are advised that a new Ready Reckoner from EM News outlining the suggested RRP for Sterling£ – priced magazines will come into effect at the start of July for Q3 until the end of September.

The Sterling to Euro conversion will mean a decrease in the current conversion on most UK mags and collectibles that do not have a Euro price affixed. This decrease is 1.92%.

A £5.00 Sterling RRP currently converting to €7.31 ( incl VAT @9%) will, from July onwards, be charged to retailers based on a suggested RP of €7.17 prior to trade discount being applied.

Please make sure your staff are aware of these price changes which will be visible on the Daily Delivery documentation.

(Download PDF)

Picture: Patrick Browne

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