Newspread Responds Positively To Association Request To Drop Fuel Surcharge

When Newspread added an additional €2.20 to each of their 3,800 customers weekly invoices for all deliveries from 12th April as a response to the spiralling fuel prices it was unwelcome though hardly unprecedented . The contractors are almost entirely independent of Newspread and were in real danger of not being able to continue to fulfil their delivery contracts due to the high costs of fuel.

Newspread management advised the Association that the increase of €2.20 would only be applied for the duration of the crisis , would NOT be subsumed into existing Carriage Service Charges, and would have its own description as a separate line on invoices.

At the time, the price of diesel at the pumps was averaging €1.95, the price this week is €1.75, and has (fortunately) continued to fall since early November.

We have written to Newspread this week asking that they remove the surcharge as its continued application is no longer valid.

We are very pleased to report that we have been informed that the surcharge will be removed in full on the 1st week in January and all Retailers will be informed accordingly.

Members will be aware that EM News did NOT apply a fuel surcharge, though we are aware that there is a built-in delivery charge contained in the £STG to €EURO Ready Reckoner calculations, so perhaps that ongoing windfall can be diverted towards supplementing carrier costs!