October 2019 – CSNA calls a hault on Brexit calamity

It was time that some one spoke up and offered reassurance in the market, let’s face it scare-mongering and notions of consumer stockpiling requirements creeping in were not going to help our members in any way shape or form. CSNA rolled out an effective campaign which included a PrimeTime feature as well as national coverage in the papers, on radio and online. We wanted to reassure consumers of the goods and services our members offer and that as Ireland’s largest, independent, non-for profit association representing retailers we were satisfied that long after Brexit customers can rely on their local convenience store and newsagent to provide them with the usual items they require. We did highlight that there may be some substitute brands here and there mainly in the minerals and gum segments and that increased costs as a result of taxes and additional logistical arrangements are all possibilities depending on the outcome of negotiations. The key message of this campaign was to reassure the public that the local retailer they have come to rely on and trust will still provide them with everything they need long after Brexit.