Paracetamol Sales: Seeking Your Input to a Short Anonymous Survey

A multi-sectorial Paracetamol working group led by the Department of Health and with key stakeholder representation is currently working to improve awareness of and adherence to paracetamol sales guidelines in pharmacy and retail settings.


Paracetamol remains the drug most frequently taken in intentional and accidental overdose in Ireland.


A short, anonymous, baseline survey of knowledge and awareness is currently being conducted, and all retail staff who sell paracetamol to the public are invited to take part. Full study information is provided HERE.


If you are interested in taking part in this study, please click the link provided to log your consent and complete the survey. The poster available here also contains a QR code that all staff in the store who sell paracetamol can use to take part. Responses are entirely anonymous, and no details of place of employment are collected.

Take The Survey Here

The survey will remain open until Monday 2nd October. You can direct any queries to Dr Michelle O’Driscoll at the National Suicide Research Foundation, michelle.odriscoll@ucc.ie.

Support: Visit www.yourmentalhealth.ie for information on how to mind your mental health and to find a support service in your area. Call the Your Mental Health Information Line on 1800 111 888 for information on mental health services in your area.