Price Change – Racing Post

Few things are as reliable as Cheltenham Week price increases from the publishers of the Racing Post. The increase in RRP for the Sunday-Friday Title is 40cent , a very substantial increase from €4.50 to €4.90 , while the Saturday edition will sport a €5.20 cover price, up 30 cent from the current €4.90 RRP.

For those retailers providing the composite Racing Post Betting Shop Display the new increases will add 25 cent to the RRP of €7.70 on each of the 7 publishing days each week.

Both the RP Weekender and Racing /Football Outlook increase their respective prices by 30 cent at RRP level.

Despite these substantial increases at wholesale and RRP level, the publishers have directed the wholesalers Newspread to reduce the discount applied to the Racing Post and Betting Shop titles.

Retailers selling the Racing Post earned their margin based on a 22.00% discount off the VAT-exclusive cover price, but this has been summarily reduced to 21.5%, which is the rate currently applied to the Betting Shop product, due to be discounted to 21.00%.

The Association has written to the publishers on this and related matters regarding their seeming disrespect for their retail partners.