PSO Levy Update

Four months into the New accounting year and hard-pressed electricity customers have yet to see any rebate of the PSO Levy.

This is not small money due to our members, for most it is hundreds and for others it is literally thousands, what does it take to get the CRU to act on behalf of the customers of the Energy companies?

Official statement from the CRU below:

due to operational constraints the payments to final customers may not be feasible starting 1 October 2022. Thus, the CRU has decided that from the 1st of October 2022 the PSO levy, will in the interim, be set to zero, pending the implementation of an enduring payment mechanism. Once a process is in place the annual payments due to customer’s will be prorated over the remaining months of the 2022/23 PSO year. The CRU notes that although setting the PSO levy to zero from October 1st 2022, and the subsequent PSO credit customers will receive will reduce the fixed charge element on electricity bills, the variable charge (i.e. the price per unit of electricity) may in fact increase. The CRU emphasises that savings on the variable aspect of the electricity bill (i.e. the price An Coimisiún um Rialáil Fóntas Commission for Regulation of Utilities vii per unit of electricity) can be gained through switching electricity supplier and through energy efficiency.