Public Service Obligation Levy Payment 2022/23

Public Service Obligation Levy Payment 2022/23

February 21st, 2023

Public Service Obligation Levy Payments for 2022/23 will commence on 1st March 2023. Specifically, for PSO Payment Period 2022/23, monthly PSO Payments will be paid starting 1st March2023 until 31st September 2023. Therefore, payments due to customers will be shared equally over the remaining seven months of the 2022/23 PSO Year, see the table below for breakdown for each customer category.

For example, a business with a KvA of 30 will get 7 monthly refunds placed onto their bill of 30x €5.40=€162 per month and those with a 45KvA rating can expect 7 refunds of €243 totalling €1,701.

This refund will be placed onto your energy bill by your current supplier, even if you have switched providers since PSO Levies were last debited.

This most likely will be replicated next year if the wholesale prices remain stubbornly high, we cannot advise members to seek to reduce their existing rating until the market settles down.

PSO Levies are inherently unfair if they are calculated on capacity rather than usage.

Please contact your electricity provider if the payment/refund is not applied to your bill.

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