Reporting Theft Online

Many of our members have incident reporting systems in place for crime in their stores some record these in books, others on emails and whatsapp etc. Did you know that you can log an incident online once the value of the theft or attempted theft of goods value is under €1,000. This is a great way to ensure your incidents are logged efficiently, in writing and in the format that An Gardaí are used to following up on, it also ensures that if you have to go to court in relation to any incident logged that the report a full declaration was completed in a timely fashion. We think it is a great tool to engage with especially for our rural members who might not have a station in their town or village and often do not report what might seem like minor individual incidents to An Garda Síochána which collectively add up to a substantial number of unreported cases annually. Check it out to see what you think for yourself;

Instructions for completing an online declaration


The form itself