Revolut Glitch That’s Hard To Correct

A member in the Midlands has brought to our attention an unusual feature of his Payzone Terminal accepting the Revolut card for payment. In a number of instances customers have seen the payment in his store listed as paying a local auctioneer instead.

This could lead to issues whereby the customer may seek a refund as they would be certain that they had done no business with the auctioneer while not realising they had actually conducted the transaction with their local convenience store.

Payzone tell us that neither they nor AIBMS are not able to do a fix on this problem as the issue lies solely with Revolut who generated the description at the moment the sale went through.

Revolut are notoriously difficult to contact and in the short term all the Retailer can do is either refuse to take payment through this card or inform the customer that the sale may not show up as his store in the description on their Revolut account.

Payzone are aware of at least one other separate incident of this same issue occurring so while it’s very unusual, it’s not unique.

Revolut transactions go through quicker on terminals than all other cards and it’s possible that it may be a factor in not processing the correct retailer as the named payee.