SCAM Alert – Cash Pay-Outs

SCAM Alert – Cash Pay-Outs

January 15th, 2020

Cash Pay-outs 

We were reminded by a member that unless you make very clear and specific instructions to your staff with regard to store policies on cash pay-outs for stock delivered, you will find yourself frustrated, angry and out of pocket! In the last month we have been told of the presence of a tried and-tested scam being operated by an individual specialising in persuading sales assistants to part with their employer’s money on the pretext of “the boss asked me to deliver these lighters and collect cash for them”. A “receipt” is provided, the stock is provided, and the money is paid out! In this instance our member was aware of the scam and didn’t pay out.

Take time to remind your staff (in writing) what your procedures regarding cash payments are.

cash pay-outs

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