Scams – Beware

Scams – Beware

January 4th, 2016


We came across this advice from Camelot to UK Lottery retailers; although the specific details are different within the Irish context, the potential for being conned remain, not only for a lottery operation, but for any other type of product or service being offered.

– think twice before acting once!

– A fool and his money are easily parted.

“We have previously been made aware of reports of fraudsters trying to obtain money by deception from potential National Lottery retailers. The scam typically involves a retailer receiving a phone call from a person purporting to be from Camelot. The fraudster (usually a male) explains that the retailer needs to pay an amount of money – varying anywhere from £250 to £2,500 – to cover the costs of the installation of a National Lottery terminal. The reports we have been made aware of suggest that the fraudster is very convincing and appears to have prepared a number of reasons why a retailer needs to pay the money. The fraudster then asks for money to be paid directly into a bank account (typically at a major high street bank), the details of which convince the retailer that it is a genuine Camelot account.

Where Camelot charges retailers a nominal fee for specific services they receive (for example, towards the administration costs of installing a new National Lottery terminal or processing requests for a change of proprietor), any such fees will be deducted automatically from the retailer’s weekly invoice several weeks after the store has been successfully trading as a National Lottery outlet.

For the avoidance of doubt, Camelot will never:

  • ask for an administration fee to guarantee selection as a National Lottery retailer
  • ask for an administration fee prior to installation as a National Lottery retailer
  • ask for a cheque or cash as a form of payment

If you receive such a call asking for a payment, please record the details of the call and inform Camelot’s Security Team on 01923 425387 and also notify your local police. Likewise, if you have previously had such a call and not reported it, even if you refused to pay the money, please report it to Camelot Security and your local police station as soon as possible.”

€100.00 SCAM

We have been contacted by a member of the CSNA Meath Branch alerting us to a scam which has been taking place this week in the town of Kells.

The store owner was approached at the till and asked for a packet of painkillers which was handed over to the customer.  The item was paid for by a €100.00 note and on receiving their change the customer decided that the product was too expensive and requested to return the item and receive their money back.

When the money was handed back to the customer they return the change you have given them, minus €50.  Our member was aware of this scam from previous attempts and counted the returned change before giving over the money and advised the customer that they had left him €50 short which was then promptly presented from the other hand.

They insist that they receive the €100 note back, which would then allow them to go on to the next unsuspecting business owner to carry out their scam.

On this occasion our member managed to follow them and noted they are being transported using a car with a registration of 00 WW 9158.

Please be vigilant as these scams are countrywide and the gangs are travelling, make all of your summer and part-time staff aware of this to ensure you don’t get caught up and on the losing side of their scam.

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