Security Tips

Retail staff are on the front line dealing with criminal activity, threats and violence and arguably professional claimants. Prosecure facilitate staff training through CSNA Skillnet to our members and the feedback on this course has been fantastic. They recently presented at our Skillnets seminar in Dublin in an effort to enhance staff safety, reduce claims and loss from criminal activity as well as increasing staff morale and motivation which may lead to a decrease in staff turnover and absenteeism. We are delighted to be bringing our members some of their top tips as part of this dedicated security update.

Staff safety is paramount, body language and tone of voice are key in conflict situations. Prosecure recommend that when dealing with a potentially aggressive situation staff:

  • If seated slowly stand up
  • Maintain eye contact without staring
  • Retreat by taking at least one step rearwards
  • Place one foot behind the other for stability
  • Raise both hands to chest height, one slightly forward with palms
  • facing outwards
  • Use your hands to protect your personal space
  • Retreat if the aggressor moves towards you
  • Ask the aggressor to step away and give you some space, If retreat is
  • not possible
  • Raise your voice and adopt an assertive tone whilst asking them to
  • step away if you have nowhere to retreat to

Approaching a suspected shoplifter may lead to Defamation, False Arrest or False Imprisonment if not done correctly. The following is a guide:

  • You must see the offender select the goods in your premises to be certain they have not purchased goods elsewhere.
  • You must never lose sight of the goods as they may drop or pass to someone else
  • They must exit the store before being approached