CSNA Deals

CSNA Members now enjoy more value from their memberships and commercial savings for their business with our CSNA Deals Initiative. On behalf of our Members we have extensively researched the market and used our combined buying power as a national independent retail organisation to get the best deals in the marketplace. These deals will ensure significant savings and a best in market service for all our members. It is our intention to continue reviewing and improving these offerings on your behalf on an ongoing basis. As a member of the CSNA you are eligible for very generous discounts and best in class deals where 100% of the benefits go to our members from the following providers;

Secure All Security – Connaught Only

Secure All Security have been chosen to be the Keyholding CSNA affinity partner for the Connaught area

We provide services across all market sectors including retail, industrial, educational, medical, student accommodation, business parks etc.

Our key-holding service consists of over 3000 key holders across all regions, we are one of the biggest key holding security companies in the country.What we can offer is peace of mind to the customer as we answer all intruder and fire alarms to customer locations.

Our company and certain directors are members of IBEC (Irish Business and Employers Federation), CIMA (Chartered Institute of Management Accountants), Galway Chamber of Commerce and IEI (Institute of Engineers of Ireland)

The company is one of the leading security companies in the country particularly in the area of mobile patrol & key holding services. The growth and success of Secure-All Security is based on a reputation of trust and reliability, built up over many years with our customers. We have continued to develop the business and implement improvement steps to improve the service for the customer. We employ over 200 people and have 28 patrol vehicles in our fleet. Annual turnover is in excess of €6M approx.  The company is compliant with the various regulatory bodies including The Private Security Authority, NERA and tax authorities.

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