Shelf Life, 26 October: It hasn’t gone away (yet?)

Shelf Life, 26 October: It hasn’t gone away (yet?)

October 26th, 2017

The Public Health (Alcohol) Bill 2015 has drifted in and out of the public consciousness over the past couple of years, but for retailers and the greater alcohol industry, it has never been far from thought.

It was brought back into sharp focus this week when Taoiseach Leo Varadkar informed the Dáil that he still has “absolute commitment” to the legislation he introduced when he was Minister for Health.

Varadkar said the Bill would be in the upper house on 8 November, after Gerry Adams raised concerns about the delay, the Irish Times reports.

Adams said the Bill was “hugely important for the health of our society”, adding that he was concerned about the level of lobbying against the Bill, adding that “the alcohol industry should have role in formulating national alcohol policy.”

In contrast, a great many retailers have come out against the Bill, insisting that in their eyes, moves like advertising bans and structural separation will not have the desired effect, instead only forcing unworkable regulations on them.

We, and the whole industry, will be watching closely.

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