Shop Changing Alarm Codes/Passwords

Shop Changing Alarm Codes/Passwords

August 4th, 2023

We have recently learnt of a store break in during the break in the thief used a key and had the alarm code to the store this allowed them full access to the store without raising the alarm of the break in.

The thief preloaded debit cards from Payzone as they knew the system to preload the cards.

After the break in was discovered the store owner made immediate contact with Payzone to ensure that the preloaded credit cards (not yet used) were cancelled to avoid any extra cost to the retailers.

This thief could have been a past employee of the store that was a key holder or had access to the store key and alarm code.

We would like to advise all members to ensure that they update their alarm codes on a regular basis so that this event may be avoidable. If possible, when a key member of your staff ceases their employment, we would advise changing your alarm code and system passwords (e.g. banking online, computer logins etc).

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