Sugar Tax – Effective 6th of April, 2018

Sugar Tax – Effective 6th of April, 2018

March 23rd, 2018

The Department of Finance has confirmed that the Sugar Tax, initially proposed to commence on April 1st, 2018, has been delayed until April 6th, the date that the UK and Northern Ireland will commence.

Sugar Tax

The ‘rule of thumb’ increase (including VAT) for high sugar minerals is 10cent for a 330ml can, 15cent for a 500ml bottle and 30cent on a 1litre mineral and pro-rata.

Over the past number of months, a significant number of products have managed to reduce their sugar content below the 5g/100ml threshold and will therefore not have any taxes applied.

For products with less than 8g/100ml but greater than 5g/100ml, the VAT inclusive retail increase equals to 20cent per litre.

  • 8g/100ml and higher – 30cent per litre
  • 5g/100ml and higher – 20cent per litre
  • Below 5g/100ml and higher – no sugar tax

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