Sunday Premium Shocker

Members reading the account of the Irish Examiner report (here) of a WRC determination on Sunday Premium should note the importance of having, clearly and explicitly, the rate of pay noted in staff contracts when the employee is scheduled to work a part of their week, on a Sunday.  You can specify a composite rate, (you are permitted to fix a uniform rate) or you can put a rate of premium (expressed either as a percentage or a flat rate in Euro) payment that will be enjoyed by the employee.  If you do not specifically set out how the legally entitled premium is to be calculated, the WRC will presume that the rate of pay set out in the contract is the rate that a premium shall be applied – at a level that far exceeds what (contrary to the Union organiser stated)is the norm for our sector.   Remember – if you pay a composite rate the contract must state it is a composite rate.  If you pay a separate premium – make sure the contract says this.