Tobacco Laws Reminder

Members are obviously aware that there are a number of rules and regulations regarding the sale of tobacco at their premises, however, it is useful to remind yourself of the following: –

  • You must be registered with the National Tobacco Control Office (NTCO).
  • If your particulars change (Partnership, Limited Company, Acquisition) you need to inform the NTCO.
  • You must have the registration number affixed to the sales container, if you no longer have this you can contact the NTCO on 1800 333100.
  • You must have a sign displayed at the premises https://www.csna.ie/wp-content/uploads/2022/04/PHTA-Tobacco-Sign.png
  • You are permitted to display a price list, but it should contain the prices of all tobacco products sold on the premises, not just the prices of a single product or range. The CSNA pricelist can be downloaded from the CSNA website here.