Update On The TBESS Scheme

We received the below updates from Revenue regarding the Temporary Business Energy Support Scheme. For those that had NOT previously met the qualifying criteria, or had considered the process to be cumbersome or difficult, please use this time while we await EU approval to familiarise yourself with the basics of the Scheme, or perhaps make contact with your bookkeeper/accountant and engage them to do the applications.

You should not leave YOUR money on the table.

The Minister for Finance has announced a number of enhancements to the Temporary Business Energy Support Scheme (TBESS), including the extension of the scheme beyond the end of February 2023.

Changes to the TBESS already made

Some of the changes have already been introduced by Ministerial Order, as provided for in Finance Act 2022. The scheme has been extended to 30 April 2023. For claim periods from 1 March 2023 onwards:

  • the €10,000 monthly limit on payments under the scheme has been increased to €15,000 per trade or profession carried on by a qualifying business, and
  • the €30,000 limit has been increased to €45,000 per trade or profession in cases where the trade or profession is carried on from more than one location.

The TBESS guidelines have been updated to reflect these changes.

Proposed changes to the TBESS, subject to State aid approval

A number of other proposed enhancements to the scheme are subject to State aid approval. These are as follows:

  • Extension of the scheme to 31 May 2023,
  • Reduction of the energy costs threshold from 50% to 30%, with effect from 1 September 2022,
  • Increase of the amount payable under the scheme from 40% to 50% of a business’ eligible costs for claim periods from 1 March 2023, and
  • Extension of the time limit for all claims to 31 July 2023.
  • Revenue will update the TBESS guidelines once State aid approval for these changes to the scheme is received.

Submitting TBESS claims from March 2023

Qualifying businesses can continue to make claims for the September 2022 to February 2023 claim periods. Revenue will advise businesses in due course when claims can be made for the March 2023 claim period.

Once State aid approval is received to revise the energy costs threshold, Revenue will automatically process claims using the revised 30% threshold. Businesses will not need to amend claims that have already been submitted.

Eligible businesses can continue to register for the TBESS as normal.