VBI Consumer Survey Results – October 2018

VBI Consumer Survey Results – October 2018

November 30th, 2018

Please find a summary of key findings of the VBI Consumer Survey 2018 below

Key findings about vaping in Ireland

  • 20% of adults have used a vaping product with 27% vaping daily (24% in 2017).
  • More than half of all vapers (53%) use a vaping product as a way to give up smoking. The second most popular reason for usage is due to the perception that vaping products are less harmful than cigarettes (36%), and the third most popular reason is because they wanted to reduce the amount they smoked (28%).
  • Prior to vaping, those who had attempted to quit smoking had primarily relied on willpower alone to quit smoking (85%). Other cessation tools that had not worked for them included nicotine patches/sprays (54%) and pharmaceutical aids such as varenicline (22%).
  • 73% think info on vaping should be made available on the HSE’s Quit.ie website (54% rely on discussion with friends/ colleagues who vape for info on vaping products, whereas 37% refer to their local vape store)
  • 51% of vapers used to smoke before trying vaping products. 44% of vapers still currently smoke. 5% of vapers are never smokers (in 2017 8% were never smokers).

Key consumer insights:

  • Specialist vaping shops remain the most popular purchase places (31%) but online shopping venues both within EU and Ireland show an increase in popularity (14% – increase of 4% since 2017). Nearly half explain their choice of a vendor with Accessibility and Cost.
  • The rechargeable e-cigarette with a replaceable cartridge or pod remains the most popular type of vaping product used.
  • 57% purchase nicotine of strength 0-6mg with tobacco remaining the most popular flavour (40%).
  • The majority continue to buy vaping products monthly or more frequently, generally spending more per month with the average spend per person going up from €11 to €13.

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