Winter Of Discomfort And Discontent Ahead?

The Association has been made aware from a number of different sources, as well as communiques from the Department of Health that advise citizens that we can expect a significant “uptick” in people falling foul to Covid-19 and/or the 2022 Influenza strain, which appears to be particularly virulent.

We have been given to understand that a number of wholesale stockists and pharmaceutical distributors are unable to maintain “ordinary” levels of medicinal products that are ordinarily sold in our stores such as Lemsip etc.

At this juncture we are still able to avail of the Covid Antigen Tests through Smart Bits which are CE and FDA Approved. Contact Dean Kearns 085 2848953  and let him know you are a CSNA member.

We have sought further information from the Department of Enterprise regarding the sudden lack of basic healthcare products in the country.